Mission Statement:

The mission of the Bethune-Cookman University Orange County Alumni Chapter is to support the university by initiating/hosting events that are designed to increase awareness and involvement in the university and the attainment of its mission, primarily through local fund raising activities and recruitment of students.


Vision Statement:


The Bethune-Cookman University Orange County Alumni Chapter is a non-profit organization which  supports to the University through networking and coordination of efforts, activities, and special events to increase social and professional interaction among alumni by:

  • Promoting and encouraging ongoing strong alumni financial support of B-CU
  • Promoting and encouraging alumni interest in B-CU
  • Assisting with recruitment and retention of students
  • Communicating through positive interaction among alumni
  • Providing programs, activities and services that positively reflect the image of B-CU and the B-CU Orange County Alumni Chapter
  • Conducting chapter meetings and attending conferences, setting goals and providing a strong organizational system






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